Based out of Hilo, Hawaiʻi, ​​Teaching Change aims to inspire local youth to be environmental stewards and to pursue post-secondary educations and careers in Hawaiʻi in natural resource management.

We accomplish this via four ways: 

1. Monthly Field Courses
2. Bi-annual Teacher Training Workshop
3. Annual Conservation Career Day Event
4. Annual Bio-cultural Blitz Event

I'iwi (​​​​Drepanis coccinea) being fed nectar after having been banded by USGS staff and before being released back into the wild, as curious Teaching Change students watch.

Since its inception in 2012, demand by participants has grown remarkably, with events highly sought after by  teachers and students.
From December 2012 to February 2018, 
we have reached:

1219 students via Field Courses
60 teachers (students) via Teacher Training Workshops
6599 participants via Conservation Career Day (with Earth Fair)
250 students via Bio-cultural Blitz 

Totalling: 8128 students!