Resources For Teachers
Request a copy of the Natural Inquire
for all your students
The Natural Inquirer was designed with Department of Education standards in mind. Created with by Hawaiʻi scientists, this booklet is designed to inform students of the interesting science concepts all around the island they call home. Request a copy ​ here .
Have your class join the
National Phenology Network
Phenology is the study of reoccuring lifecycles. Take your students for a walk in the school yard, daily, weekly or monthly and make observations. Record these observations in the National Phenology Network and have your students engage in Citizen Science.
Participate in events of the
Hawaii Environmental Educaiton Alliance
The ​ Hawaii Environmental Education Alliance  offers an abunadnce of resources, from annual conferences to workshops to funding availabilities.  

Relavant News Articles and links
  • Climate Change article
  • Google Earth Images from 1984-2016                                             Look for glacial ice melt. For changes closer to home, zoom in on Mana Road (the road to access Hakalau Forest Natiuonal Wildlife Refuge), and look for the spread of Gorse (Ulex europaeus).                

More resources coming soon!