Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge

Hakalau Forest
National Wildlife Refuge

Friends of Hakalau Forest

About this trip
-For students in grades 6-12th
-Participants stay overnight at the refuge for two full days of learning
-Transportation and food support provided
-Maximum of 14 students and two adults (one teacher and chaperone)
-Minimum of 10 students 

Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), a site managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is the original Teaching Change field site. Hakalau Forest NWR is one of the few places in the entire state where native forest bird populations are stable or increasing. The long-term conservation and restoration activities there have enabled this by protecting intact native habitat and restoring previously degraded habitat for thousands of endangered plants that just a few decades ago, in many cases, were limited to a handful of individuals in existence. As a result of the management activities there, Hakalau Forest NWR is a ‘poster-child’ of conservation and restoration success in Hawaiʻi and an ideal site to take students.